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- Workshop-show for schools and family groups.


- Artifici Montnegre, land-art proposals for young artists.


- Installation República Montnegre, proposed at the cultural center Rectoria Vella de Sant Celoni.

A space for artistic creation in Montnegre

TEATRE DEL BOSC is a non-profit association created by Joan Baixas and his sons with two main purposes:

- Transmission of the experience of the Teatro de la Claca company.

- Promotion of the practice of the arts in nature.

It is an association of friends. Friends of painting and the earth, of the forest and the theater, of the open skies and poetry.


THE BOSC THEATER ASSOCIATION is established in a building in Montnegre, three kilometers from the town of Sant Celoni and fifty kilometers from Barcelona.

Open to all types of activities related to the purposes for which it was created:

- Residence of artists and creators

- Realization of art and natural science projects

- Starting point for activities in Carrilet-Corredor Park

The installation includes:

- Rehearsal and presentation room equipped with light and sound

- Exhibition space with works by Joan Baixas and other artists

- Removal, open to consultation, of the artists who have collaborated with the Teatro de La Claca company: Viladecans, Miró, Saura, Tàpies, Matta, Meireles, etc.

-Apartment-residence for artists

- Meeting room-dining room for groups of about twenty people

- Library of art and poetry

Memòria d'activitats


Founded in 2012, the association has carried out very diverse activities, among others:

-2013-15 Autumn Colors, macro installation for the Fiestas del Pilar de Zaragoza, with 23Artes.

-2014 Show Oh la la,the marionette!,for the inauguration of the exhibition Figuras del Desdoblamiento, at the Santa Mónica Art Center in Barcelona.

- 2016 Production of the Daurrodó show, with Brazilian artist Cildo Meireles, at the National Theater of Catalonia.

-2016 Exhibition La Nave de los Locosin the TOPIC, museum and international marionette center in Toulouse, Guipúzcoa.  Expuesto después in the "Festival International des Theaters de Marionnettes" in Charleville-Meziérès, France and in Caixaforum-Barcelona.

- 2017 Installation at the Macba in Barcelona by The Maids, in collaboration with the Iranian artists Rony and Ramin Erizadé and Hesam Rahmaniam, Macba prize 2016.

Artists in residence who have developed their own projects at the Teatro del Bosque:

- The Peruvian cartoonistGerson Siccha

- Essays ofCircus Panic.

- Two productions ofFrobvia group.

- The Portuguese puppetPaulo Duarte.

- The Irish groupMcCormick Puppet Theatre.

Artists who have participated in informal meetings for several years, among others:

Antoni Miró, Frederic Amat, Perejaume, Albert Vidal, Mariona Omedes, Carlos Colomo, Jordi Sabates, Quico Pi de la Serra, Al Víctor, Àlex Alonso, Glòria Rognoni, Piti Español, Rafael Subirachs, Karol Green, Àngels Margarit.

- 2018 Edition of the book Desorden General, Joan Baixas in the fifty years of the Teatro de la Claca, with the Instituto del Teatro de la Diputación de Barcelona.


-2018 Exhibition The enemy lives on the sofa,Joan Baixas in the fifty years of the Teatro de la Claca in Caixaforum-Barcelona.

-2021, production of two shows by the Frobvia group: Fulla Blanca, for the Temporada Alta de Salt Festival. E Impossible?, children's show for the Teatre Lliure de Barcelona.

-2021 Participation in the exhibition Personae-Máscaras contra la barbarie, in Es Baluard, museum of modern and contemporary art in Palma de Mallorca, in collaboration with Robert Wilson.

-2022 Avant-garde Farmer show, with texts by Perejaume and Joan Brossa, winning project of the Joan Brossa Foundation resident company competition. Filming of a documentary about the show for Fundación La Caixa, in collaboration with Estudio 9OJOS. Performances at the Temporada Alta Festival and at the Museo del Mundo Rural in L'Espluga de Francolí.

Galeria d'imatges
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