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Zoé, criminal innocence. Life one and without form, radical and wild.


Leaflet deconstructed in seven acts, which shows how a girl born in the jungle came to be the queen of matinees on the streets of Sâo Paulo, until she became a terrible murderer locked up in a psychiatric hospital, redeemed by puppets.

Visual show with various and amazing stage magic: live painting, glove and bunraku puppets, Chinese shadows, light animation, object manipulation and other exquisite effects.


STORY SYNOPSIS: At the beginning, the puppeteer explains that he met Zoé during a puppet show at a psychiatric hospital in São Paulo. The girl was talking to the puppets making jungle bird sounds. Later, in small fragments, we learn that he was born in the jungle, from where he left fleeing a fire, went to the city and made his living at night and on the streets, until Saloio, a trafficker, he built a house with a garden and air conditioning. But one bad day, traffic, heat, sexual urgency, misunderstandings, and other little things, triggered the tragedy and Saloio ended up dead with an instrument that the girl didn't even know how it worked: an electric knife. Zoé got lost in the crowd, naked, covered in blood and make-up and lived in the streets, under a pile of newspapers, without talking to anyone.

The police picked her up and took her to the hospital, they never linked her to the murder of the trafficker. Finally, Zoé explains that she met the Puppeteer at the hospital function and when she saw that he was the only one capable of putting the devil in a sack, she dressed up as a beauty and left with him. Now they travel the world and are happy.


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