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Paradox Parade is a new version of some of the scenic materials and the visual design of the first version of "Dadorredondo", these were remade for the space "Taller Chullima" in "la Bienal de la Habana" (Cuba, 14th Jan to 16th Apr, 2019) with actors and dancers from the collective "Danza Contemporánea de Cuba", directed by Joan Baixas and his team.

A parade of paradoxes, incompatibilities, antilogies, nonsense and contradictions that reminds of "Dadorredondo". The artist proposes a dialect in between the industrial past of "Taller Chullima" and the improvising capacity of this group of local young actors and artists who perform visually and through objects around these everyday paradoxes that are so dull but evident, like money, flags, communication, personal identity, social order.


Paradox Parade ("Dadorredondo II") develops in small simultaneous actions. The public immerses in a cognitive and sensorial experience about the contemporary reality and it's consensus and controversy through the movement of the actors and the objects being performed.

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I knocked on Cildo Meireles' door and told him I was coming to steal and he opened the door for me and said "come in, welcome". It was the year two thousand and twelve and I wanted to obtain his complicity in a stage project with which I intended to give a strong twist to my work. the tricks of capitalism after the economic crisis, the growth of the politics of fear. At the same time, I was also surprised to see the improvement of some topics that seemed biblical, such as the increasing access of millions of people to education, health, and democracy. and it seems to me, like a great paradox. Apparently, the better some things go, the worse others go, it will be thermodynamics or it will be the biblical curse, I don't know. 

To delve into the recognition of paradoxes, no one like Meireles.   In his work, his wise look, his refined elegance and simplicity, his joyous creativity, help us to walk through the complex world of globalization built on paradoxes and contradictions. Learning to live with these paradoxes and contradictions, preserving at the same time a critical look without resignation and without lowering your guard, is part of the legacy that this Brazilian generously spreads around the world. With Meireles the world and people calm down and understand each other a little. Timeless art, poetry.


With his acceptance, the theft became cannibalism, reading everything that had been written about his work (especially the importance of the text of his colleague Frederico Morais) and peregrinating visits to his works in Paris, London, Milan, Helsinki, San Giminiano, Barcelona and Madrid.  He assisted my thoughts with kindness, answering my questions precisely and, above all, telling stories. All of Cildo's works are accompanied by stories, reflections, experiences, he is a great storyteller. 


 Then, once the project was completed, I regurgitated all that material in the rehearsal space and offered it to the actors. I only served as bridge, the show was created giving life to those objects, materials, mysteries and paradoxes that Cildo proposed and that the actors assumed. 


Now, in Havana, at the Biennial and at the Chullima workshop, another group of actors from new life to these paradoxes, welcome brothers!

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