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Dust, water, mud. The earth is always pregnant, about to give life. A voyage around the world. Little stories create images. A visual spectacle, live painting, music a cappella.


Joan Baixas paints with earth on a large illuminated translucent screen. Images appear and are erased, combined with slide projections and music by Paca Rodrigo.The spectacle tours the international circuit since 2001 ( Centre Pompidou in Paris, Guggenheim Museum in New York, Autumn Festival in Madrid, National Theaters in Toulouse and Warsaw, Teatre Lliure in Barcelona, Festival de Charleville-Meziérès and many other places)

Mud, clay, dark earth, pregnant earth. The sludge contains all the images and none remains constant. Elementary symbolism, before myth and before opinions.

It is about different landscapes of love, highest sincerity.

The spectacle is not fix, but a process of actions around the earth, a pre-spectacle.

It starts in the Australian desert with the discovery of the worlds biggest dustcovered plain, where the colour is light only. Rain in the desert, pregnant earth. It takes shape in Puxkin, near Petersburg, with the dirt of a tired Russia, crude and fertile, and thereafter in the library of Sarajevo, with the ashes of millions of burnt books, earthquake of ideas burning the art of poetry.


We want to keep Pregnant Earth always as a beginning, as a pre-spectacle, avoiding a performance of ideas and a theatrical show, to keep ourselves in a previous ceremony, elementary, in wich poetic materials, in the raw, compose themselves intervened by chance.

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