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Teresa and Joan decide to dedicate themselves professionally to the show and start at the puppet theater where they can develop the respective abilities, fusing modeling, painting, writing, interpretation, voice, design of space and objects.

They founded the company PUTXINEL·LIS CLACA that, years later, 1975, becomes THEATER OF LA CLACA and where they create and perform numerous visual shows with puppets, objects and images for family and adult audiences:

Everywhere they make mushrooms when it rains, by X. Romeu. Adaptation of the Gex Circle, by B.Brecht. Cantonigrós Theater Prize.
A short reminder of Tirant el Blanc, by Maria A. Capmany.
The water tale, adaptation of a legend of the Pueblo Indians.
Antologia, by J. Baixas
In Jordi Cardona's book, adaptation J. Vidal Alcover.
I am the snake of the river, I am the tiger of the jungle, adaptation of a Chinese opera.
L'Or, adaptation of the novel by Blaise Cendrars.
Calaix de sastre, J. Baixas.
Entrebancs and chairs, Teresa Calafell and Jordi Pujol.
Paintings of an exhibition, Modest Mussorgski. Concert-show for Musical Youth.
The Romanesque flower, adaptation of a popular Catalan legend.
The Adventures of Hercules in Atlantis, by J. Baixas with texts by Jacint Verdaguer.
Nyaps, in front of a mirror, J. Baixas. Palau de la Música de Barcelona, ​​on November 20, 1975.

After 10 years of traveling theater acting for all audiences, the company is concentrating on visual theater spectacles in collaboration with painters:

The passing bird, tribute to Saul Steinberg.
Impro for Pepe, with José Niebla, private gallery, Barcelona.
Joan-Pere Viladecans, La Caixa de Sorpreses, tribute to Georges Méliès.
Joan Miro, Mori el Merma!
Antonio Saura, The Blue Sword - Abysmal Fish 1- Produce at the Generalitat's Dramatic Center. Based on a story by Lou-Sin.
Antoni Tàpies, Joan of the Bear - Abyssal Pisces 2 - Released at Riverside Studios, London.
Eduardo Chillida, Mari Lamiña - Abysmal fish 3- Never released.
Roberto-Sebastian Matta, Quid de don Qui? - Labyrinth, premiered at the Pompidou Center in Paris.
Mariscal, Los Garrulos de Amanita Circus.

Guests in more than sixty festivals, Teatre de la Claca travels around the world, often in a van, in the family atmosphere of the independent theater of the time, sometimes in a limousine

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