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Zoé, criminal innocence. The life without shape, radical, wild.


Deconstructed serial in seven acts, showing how a girl, born in the jungle, becomes the queen of the wee hours in the streets of Sao Paulo until she turns into a terrible murderess, put away in psychiatric hospital, then freed by puppets.

A visual spectacle with diverse and surprising magical scenes: live painting, glove and bunraku puppets, shadow play, animated lights, animation of objects, video and other exquisite effects.


SYNOPSIS OF THE STORY: At the beginning the Puppeteer explains that he met Zoé during a puppet show in a psychiatric hospital in Sao Paulo. The girl talked to the puppets by making sounds of jungle-birds. Thereafter, in small scenes we get to know that she was born in the jungle, from where she fled because of a fire, went to the city and made a living in the nights and on the streets, until El Saloio, a drug dealer, put her up in a house with a garden and airconditioning. But, one bad day, the traffic, the heat, the sexual urge, the misunderstandings and other mishaps, the tragedy unleashed and Saloio was killed with an instrument the girl did neither knew nor how it worked: an electric knife. Zoé became lost in the crowd, naked, smeared with blood and makeup and lived on the street under a heap of newspapers, not speaking to anybody. The police picked her up and took her to the hospital, never connecting her to the murder of the dealer. In the end Zoé explains that she met the Puppeteer in the show at the hospital and when she saw that that he was the only one able to put the devil in a sack, she dressed up and went along with him. Today they travel the world and are happy.


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